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Welcome to Relic Teas, where a passion for exploration meets the world of quality loose leaf teas. We invite you on a journey with us, where each sip is a discovery and every cup tells a tale of tradition, curiosity, and exquisite flavor.

The story of Relic Teas began with a shift from loyal coffee drinkers to tea enthusiasts. In the quest for a healthier alternative, our co-founder experienced a revelation in the world of tea, transitioning from herbals to the captivating camellia sinensis plant – the origin of black, green, white, and oolong teas.

CJ & Charlene drinking tea on a train in Ireland

What started with tea bags evolved into an exploration of the vast realm of loose leaf tea, unveiling its boundless variety and unparalleled quality.

While the dream of owning a tea shop didn't materialize, the journey with tea continued. Interest drove exploration, leading to Relic Teas – a brand grounded in the spirit of curiosity, a tribute to the second most consumed beverage globally.

Our teas aren't just good; they are exceptional. Although a tad pricier than supermarket counterparts, the value per cup exceeds expectations. Some of our teas can be infused multiple times, offering a delightful experience with every steep.

At Relic Teas, our commitment extends beyond delivering remarkable teas. We are dedicated to sourcing some of the finest teas from China, the very birthplace of this 5,000-year-old drink. Our curiosity propels us to delve into the rich history of tea, ensuring every cup carries a piece of this ancient narrative.

Explore our collection at www.relicteas.com and share your thoughts with us. Join us in this odyssey of taste, tradition, and tea tales.

Sip, savor, and explore!
CJ and Charlene

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