Collection: Green Tea

All of Relic Teas' green teas are non-blended, single batch, single origin, single cultivar full leaf teas harvested from the first flush of the year or, in the case of price-efficient selections, still within Spring. Green tea is the category most packed with polyphenols and other healthy benefits. However, it is our insistence on the taste and quality that a harvest can be included in our collection. 

There are thousands of varieties of traditional quality, whole-leaf green tea. We select the finest of those that make up the best representations of the widest characters and taste profiles in this tea category. To make sure you enjoy the best quality, we carry only spring harvests for all green teas. Most of our green teas are first flushes, when the tea plants pump all their growth resources reserved through winter into the new buds. That’s when the green leaves are most nutritious.