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Longjing Pure

Longjing Pure

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A legendary tea, Longjing is a savory green tea with aromas of butter and toasted nuts. Literally translated as "Dragon Well," our Longjing Pure is from the pre-rain harvest and, when brewed (hot or cold), gives an umami mouth feel.

It is produced high in the mountains of a national preserve, away from people and pollution. Our growers use hand-roasting methods in the final stages of processing, giving the tea its trademark sign of flat light green leaves. They look like mini swords ready to slay your thirst (sorry, I had to). There are so many legends and myths about this tea, but what's true is that it's one of China's most famous teas.

For drinkers interested in a warm and slightly dry tea for morning or mid-day, Longjing is the way to go. Use the brew suggestion below or you can infuse it lightly with 1 g to 100 ml for a pleasant softness to your tea.

Brewing Suggestion

 2g of tea per 100ml


 75-80°C / 167-176°F


 3-5 mins

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