Tea Basics

Tea isn't just tea; it's an exploration in flavor. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned sipper, we invite you to explore the nuances of selecting, brewing, and enjoying quality loose leaf tea.

Understanding Tea Basics

Tea is more than a beverage; it's an ancient tradition rooted in the camellia sinensis plant. This single plant species gives birth to a diverse range of teas – white, yellow, green, black, oolong, and pu'er – each with its own unique character.

Quality Matters

Not all teas are created equal. Pre-bagged varieties found in supermarkets often consist of tea "dust" – the smallest tea particles offering the lowest quality. Opt for our loose-leaf teas. We're discerning and buy teas from smaller growers in specific origins (like China, India, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and Japan), with a focus on terroir and harvest time contribute to superior tea quality.

Selecting Your Cup of Joy

Choose teas that align with your taste preferences. If you crave boldness, explore robust black or pu'er teas. For nutty and grassy undertones, dive into greens, and for the most complexity in flavor and experience sample oolong varieties. Tailor your journey by trying various teas until you find your perfect cup.

Brewing Brilliance

Tea brewing is art and science, and there are countless ways to express it. Whether you follow traditional methods or experiment with your style, remember a few key tips:

  • Opt for vessels that allow tea leaves to expand fully,
  • play with water temperature, and
  • experiment with tea quantity and brewing time until you discover your ideal flavor profile.

Join CJ as you brew your cup and know that the instructions on the package are more of a guide than rule. 

Storing Your Teas

Tea has a remarkable shelf life, but proper storage is crucial. Keep your tea in an airtight container or pouch, away from light and heat preserve its exquisite flavor. Some green teas may benefit from refrigeration, while others prefer a cool, dark spot. 

As you embark on your journey into the world of quality loose-leaf tea, these fundamentals serve as your compass. Stay tuned for more insights and tips to enhance your tea experience. Cheers to endless discoveries in every cup!

Brewing Your First Cup

Join CJ, the co-founder of Relic Teas, as he guides you through the steps to brew a cup of our premium Oolong tea, Oriental Beauty.