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Honey Pearl Pekoe

Honey Pearl Pekoe

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Mastery of scenting green tea with fresh jasmine flowers requires a high level of technique. The degree of difficulty increases as the Honey Pearl Pekoe is rolled into elegant, downy-covered pearls. No machine exists to make them. The entire process is done by hand. Starting as a first-flush green tea, our jasmine master uses only fresh jasmine flowers. With finesse, timing, and generational knowledge, we bring you one of the most beautiful and purest jasmine teas on the market.

Achieving the jasmine scent takes no less than two feet of fresh jasmine flowers layered on the tea in six consecutive rounds. Its unique process creates a sensually sweet and enduring perfume of a natural bouquet. With a soft, silky, and sweet aftertaste, you can't get enough of this tea.

Watching the pearls unfurl and come to life is part of the experience, so use glassware brewing vessels if possible.

Brewing Suggestion

 2-3g of tea per 100-150 ml


 85-90°C / 185-194°F


 2-3 minutes

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