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April Mist

April Mist

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Looking for a green tea with a bit more punch? April Mist (Wild Bush Yunwu) offers a robust flavor and can contain more caffeine compared to other green teas. Harvested in Zhejiang, from scattered wild tea bushes during the most desirable growing season - Pre-Qingming - prized for tender buds. In late March to early April, farmers pluck from Jiu-long or Nine Dragons Mountain. The first harvest after winter ensures a higher concentration of amino acids and lower counts of catechins, making the tea sweater and more complex. The misty spring days of the mountainous region provide for a deeper taste.

Lightly roasted for a balance of warmth, aroma and refreshing brightness, this Yunwu (translated as cloud and mist) makes a distinct difference from similarly formed teas. The form, known as "snail" style, resembles the curled shape of the small mollusks' shell. The flavor should be fresh, nutty aroma with sweet maltase undertones and floral accents. The experience is smooth and round with tiny bites of bitter sharpness, with a sweet, lingering aftertaste.

Use a higher temperature, shorter infusion time for more aroma and a sharp taste, or lower temperature and a bit more leaf for a tastier flavor.

Brewing Suggestion

 1-2g of tea per 100-150 ml


 75-90°C / 167-194°F


 1-3 minutes

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