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Cream of Pu'er, 2015

Cream of Pu'er, 2015

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A rare gem in our collection, Cream of Pu'er, our only Shu Cha or "cooked" Pu'er, represents the epitome of post-fermented teas. Matured since 2015, it was crafted with precision during the intricate re-shuffling of leaves. The tea's tender leaf shoots have a naturally high percentage of pectin and form into small nugget shapes. Dubbed 'cha tou,' these nuggets carry high concentrations of vitality substances, rendering them smoother, sweeter, and softer, with fewer bitter notes typical of younger leaves. Relic Teas' Cream of Pu'er is exclusively made from prime spring harvests, enhancing both taste and health compositions for a true indulgence for Shu Cha Pu'er enthusiasts.

Our Cream of Pu'er unveils a soft, sweet, earthy aroma with subtle hints of dried fruits, cane sugar, and Chinese licorice. The infusion is a transparent, dark rosewood. As with all fermented teas, a thorough blanching at 100°C (212°F) is recommended to open up the leaves and remove residues from the post-fermentation process, ensuring a cleaner taste profile.

Pu'er is renowned for its potential health benefits, often attributed to the fermentation process. The tea is believed to aid digestion, promote weight loss, and support heart health. Cream of Pu'er is an intricate blend of flavors and smooth texture, making it a delightful indulgence and a wellness elixir.

Experiment with infusion times and leaf-to-water ratios to tailor to your preferences. A longer infusion with fewer leaves results in a smoother, sweeter body, while the reverse yields a more intense first impression. If you're new to Pu'er, start with a tea leaves-to-water ratio of 1g to 100ml, steeping for at least 5 minutes, and adjust as your confidence in flavor preferences grows. Always give them a 20-second blanche in hot water to remove any impurities on the surface and jumpstart the opening of the leaves. Remember that these nuggets have a higher density than other tea leaves, ensuring a rich and satisfying experience.

Brewing Suggestion

 1g of tea per 100ml




 > 5 minutes

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