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Honey Orchid Supreme

Honey Orchid Supreme

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Indulge in the allure of Honey Orchid Supreme - a captivating tea. Crafted for aficionados who crave more depth in their light-baked Phoenix Dancong, this exquisite brew hails from Wudong, which some believe is the birthplace of oolong teas.

Prepare for a rounder fullness and a lingering sweetness surpassing anything you've ever tasted. What makes this tea so exceptional? It results from the rare small batches of leaves plucked from special bushes, each meticulously processed by top masters. These artisans, wielding the vanishing craft of lightly baking the tea over several months, impart a level of quality that elevates Honey Orchid to a league of its own.

Honey Orchid Supreme is a must-try for those who demand more from their leaves, whether to hone their infusion skills or to find a moment of tranquility in the after-sweetness. The taste profile unfolds with buttery softness, revealing a sweetly floral aroma with earthy undertones of sweet wood and ripened peach. The tea caresses the palate with a round, smooth, and sweet-bodied embrace, offering unparalleled depth.

Part of the joy lies in the many ways to infuse the tea for different flavor experiences. A short infusion time with an abundance of leaves offer one avenue, so feel free to adjust based on your preferences, unlocking the full potential of this extraordinary tea.

Brewing Suggestion

 2g of tea per 100ml -200ml




 2-3 minutes

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