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Jade Orchid

Jade Orchid

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Nestled in the heart of Fenghuang, Jade Orchid, a Phoenix Oolong, draws inspiration from the delicate Yulan magnolia, locally known as Jade Lily. This winter-harvested tea exudes a naturally sweet bouquet, embodying the region's essence.

Winter teas from this locale, often referred to as Xue Pian or snowflakes, are cherished by connoisseurs. Genuine Phoenix Xue Pian, such as ours, unveils a remarkable bouquet. The pursuit of quality in harsher conditions, lower altitudes, and reduced profits for farmers makes authentic winter-harvested tea a limited treasure, and imposter teas abound at inflated prices.

Relic Teas' Jade Orchid cultivar is a relative newcomer developed by local farmer Wei Li Man in the 1980s and is affectionately known among locals as Li Man Zhong, or Li Man's cultivar. Its flavor profile includes a prominent sweet bouquet reminiscent of Yulan magnolia, a smooth, herbaceous body with subtle sweetness and lingering cooling sensations.

While we enjoy short infusion times with a smaller vessel, the brewing possibilities are as diverse as the tea itself.

Brewing Suggestion

 5g of tea per 100-150ml




 30 secs – 2 mins

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