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Keemun Traditional Supreme

Keemun Traditional Supreme

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Embark on a Journey with Keemun Traditional Supreme. 

We select only the finest first flush leaves at the origin to resurrect the true essence that once crowned Keemun as the laureate of the most desired black tea. Our masters then process these leaves to the pinnacle of Keemun gongfu standards, ensuring that Relic Teas' Keemun Traditional Supreme is a testament to the advancement of techniques in the past 150 years.

Picture indulging in a biscuity, warm aroma with delicate hints of orange bloom over a luscious chocolate undertone. The infusion unfolds a rich flavor, accented by notes of berries and prunes with a malty, slightly sweet oatmeal overtone. Low on astringency and bitterness, this tea promises a sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

For the optimal experience, limit the first infusion duration to 5 minutes or less, adjusting the amount of tea leaves to achieve your desired strength. When adopting the gongfu approach, never steep for less than 1 minute, and experiment with infusion temperatures between 90-100°C (194-212°F) to unlock different facets of the taste profile.

Experience the grandeur of Keemun Traditional Supreme, where each sip is a journey into the refined tastes that once graced the cups of kings and queens.

Brewing Suggestion

 2g of tea per 100-200 ml




 2-4 mins

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