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Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty

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There is a regal allure to Oriental Beauty, a unique Taiwan white tip oolong that earned its moniker from Queen Elizabeth II herself. A demanding tea to process, Oriental Beauty is harvested only once a year during the summer, with young leaves intentionally nibbled by a tiny leafhopper. Genuine Dongfang Meiren achieves its distinctive taste profile through a tailored oolong processing routine.

Relic Tea's Phong-hong tè, originating from Hsinchu, Taiwan, is a prime selection that captures the true spirit of Oriental Beauty. The flavor profile dances with fragrance, leaving a warm and floral impression on the palate—delicate notes of honey or cinnamon accompanied by a subtle woodsy bouquet. The tea unveils a clear, amber liquor akin to the rich hue of maple syrup, embodying the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication required for its cultivation.

As an intricate tea demanding precision in preparation, Oriental Beauty requires your attention to unleash its full flavor potential. Adjust the infusion time to your preference. Should a hint of bitterness arise, a slightly reduce the water temperature. Treasured for its unique fragrance, Oriental Beauty invites you to savor each step of the process and immerse yourself in its enchanting aroma.

Brewing Suggestion

 2g of tea per 100ml




 1-2 mins

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