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Tieguanyin Classic

Tieguanyin Classic

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Dive into the timeless elegance of Tieguanyin Classic, a tribute to the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, also known as Iron Goddess Oolong. Originating in the 19th century in Anxi County, our Tieguanyin pays homage to the original processing style – a deep bake. In the tea world, profit can compromise authenticity; this Tieguanyin stands as a beacon of tradition, embracing a more intricate processing method for a truly complex taste profile and a warm, inviting aroma.

This special batch of Tieguanyin has been carefully matured for nearly a year before undergoing a double baking process using traditional methods with bamboo baskets over charcoal ash. The result is a tea that invites you to experience warmth and a soothing aroma as hot water delicately awakens the leaves. Immerse yourself in the characteristic tastes of a classic Tieguanyin, delivered in a round, smooth body with a unique sweetness that lingers.

Explore different infusion methods and uncover the nuances that make it truly exceptional. As a matured tea, a 15-20 second blanche or a quick rinse of the leaves with hot water before infusion enhances the brewing experience.

Embark on a journey with Tieguanyin Classic, and let the charm of this deep-baked oolong elevate your tea ritual.

Brewing Suggestion

 1-2g of tea per 100-150ml




 1-3 mins

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