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Winter Alishan Jinxuan

Winter Alishan Jinxuan

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Embark on a journey through time with Relic Teas' Winter Alishan Jinxuan, a tea with a fascinating tale of Jinxuan, the enchanting creation by Wu Zhenduo, named after his grandmother.

Wrapped in the misty mountains of Alishan, this "Milk Oolong" is a testament to mastery and tradition, meticulously harvested and processed to unveil the natural nuances of milk without any artificial meddling. Our Alishan Jinxuan, crafted from the same cultivar (TTES #12) as Mr. Wu Zhenduo's original masterpiece, promises a sip of authenticity.

Soft, sweet, and creamy, Jinxuan is perfect for beginners. Unlike imitations, our Winter Alishan Jinxuan doesn't just mimic but embodies the essence of milk with every leaf. It's a journey into the heart of Taiwan's tea heritage, a melody of flavors curated with care.

As forgiving as it is flavorful, Jinxuan allows for exploration, but be careful not to scald the leaves—pour the water near the leaves at first. Infuse curiosity into your cup by adjusting steeping time. Most steep for 3 mins, while others prefer steeping as long as 10 minutes. 

Harvested in winter, our Alishan Jinxuan offers a light, velvety mouthfeel, perfect for any moment, whether morning or evening. 

Brewing Suggestion

 2-3g of tea per 100-150ml




 3-5 mins

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